Primary Education Coursework

Electric Auto Shop has partnered with CNG United to develop a comprehensive course to instruct CNG technology.

CNG Conversion Class Overview  

Course Goal: To introduce high school, vocational, college, and technical school students about the design and construction of flex fuel vehicles.  The course involves modifying an internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle to run on its natural fuel and CNG.   

Materials included in the curriculum:

  • CNG Fuel Conversion Kit
  • Step-by-Step Vehicle Assembly Guide
  • 26 Educational Units in 10 Modules with Lesson Plans and Tests
  • Instructional DVDs with 50 video segments
  • Certification Application
  • Training Evaluation Form 

Module 1Introduction to CNG Transportation
Unit 1: CNG Vehicles in History (download a sample of Unit 1)
Unit 2: The Evolution of Manufacturers
Unit 3: Advantages of the CNG Drivetrain (download a sample of Unit 3)

Module 2: Politics and Planning for the Future of Alternative Transportation
Unit 4: Energy and the Environment 
Unit 5: Fuel, Maintenance and Development Costs (download a sample of Unit 5)
Unit 6: The Potential of Today's Technology

Module 3: The Basics of Physics and Power
Unit 7: Force, Power, Torque and Energy (download a sample of Unit 7)

Module 4Conversion Components
Unit 8: CNG Conversion Systems (download a sample of Unit 8)
Unit 9: CNG Components (download a sample of Unit 9)
Unit 10: Preparing for CNG Installation Sequence

Module 5: Tank Design, Fabrication & Testing
Unit 11: Tank Design & Fabrication  
Unit 12: Tank Testing

Module 6: Valves & PRD's
Unit 13: Valve Ratings & Classifications
Unit 14: Pressure Release Devices (PRD's)

Module 7: CNG System Inspection
Unit 15: Evaluating System Components 

Module 8: CNG Safety Practices
Unit 16: CNG Safety

Module 9: CNG Codes & Standards
Unit 17: Codes & Standards

Module 10: CNG Kit Assembly Sequences
Unit 18: Step by Step Assembly of the CNG Kit Into Vehicle

Single-School license of the Electric Auto Shop CNG curriculum with complete conversion kit components starts at $9,995.00. Please call for details 888-881-8404. 

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