Frequently Asked Questions

Electric Auto Shop has  some FAQs (frequently asked questions) about our products and courses.  Please ask if you don't see the answer to your question in the FAQs below.

FAQ Section

  • How do I get the electric vehicle registered at DMV?
    Registration is a four step process. It is a relatively easy process as long as you make appointments in advance. The process is quick, except for the questions and talking involved telling each official all about your new EV.
    1. Step one is a trip to the DMV – this requires taking copies of your invoice and receipts for any other items you purchased to complete the vehicle. Receipts required include cost of paint or powder coating, miscellaneous items such as fenders, lights or other additions to the vehicle.
    2. Next is a trip to the authorized Light and Brake Inspector – before scheduling this appointment be sure the brakes and lights all function perfectly. You should stop quickly and in a straight line, turn signals must blink, you must have a cent light on when the key is on and have an additional high beam lamp as well. There are restrictions regarding the lamp intensity and positioning, be sure if you substituted or move any of the lights that they are within the DMV guidelines.
    3. Next is a trip to California Highway Patrol. The CHP will inspect your vehicle for stolen parts, of particular interest to them is that the motor has a serial number. The motors we supply have serial numbers, if you used a different motor be sure it has a serial number. The CHP will complete some paperwork and assign a VIN number. This involves stamping a number into the frame and also applying a VIN sticker to the vehicle.
    4. Back to the DMV to complete the process. You must turn in all your paperwork and you will then receive title and registration.
  • Can I build the ChassisLab project more than one time?
    Yes, the project is designed to be assembled and disassembled so it can be used multiple times.
  • Do I need special tools or heavy automotive equipment?
    General tools are used in the vehicle assembly. Electric Auto Shop can supply you with tools and safety equipment, please ask for pricing and availability.
  • Do I need special Instructor Training in order to teach the course?
    Instructor training is available, but not required, to successfully use the curriculum.  We have had instructors with little or no training complete the course.
  • How many electric drive trains fit in the EV-Capstone vehicle?
    There are two courses built for the EV-Capstone.  The first course is a DC drive train.  The next course in the curricula stream is an AC drive train.  They each fit in the EV-Capstone chassis and can be used multiple times.
  • I want to get the curricula but do not have funding, what can I do?
    Electric Auto Shop can assist you in finding funding for these projects. We have helped schools with grant applications and other outside sources and supporters, including crowd-funding with these helpful links. Please ask and we will be happy to assist you.




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