Module 2: Politics and Planning For the Future of Alternative Transportation

Unit D: Energy and the Environment         

  • Overview    
  • Where Is Oil Used?       
  • Energy-Related Web Resources      
  • Oil Demand
  • Options to Internal Combustion       
  • Sustainability       
  • Transportation Policy    

Unit E: Fuel, Maintenance & Development Costs      

  • Overview    
  • Fuel Costs 
  • Utility Involvement         
  • Maintenance Costs        
  • Calculations and Comparisons to Existing Technology 
  • Social Implications        
  • Battery Charging Infrastructure       
  • Solar Charging    
  • Public Parking/Charging Interfaces  

Unit F: The Potential of Today's Technology    

  • Overview    
  • Low Emission Vehicle   
  • Zero Emission Electric Vehicle
  • DC Drive Electric Vehicles      
  • AC Drive Electric Vehicles      
  • Hybrid Electric Vehicles
  • Other Electric Vehicles       


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