CNG Facts & Ratios

Natural Gas is sold to customers in units of 100 cubic feet (Therm).  One Therm represents approx. 100,000 BTU of heating power, enough to heat a normal home for about two hours during colder weather.

MCF is ten Therms, or one million BYUs.  Prices for CNG can vary, from as low as $0.80 to as high as $1.00 per Therm.

Natural Gas is delivered to the customer at home at very low pressure, usually less than 1/2 to 3 PSI (pounds per square inch).

Q- How many cubic feet of gas does it take to make 1 GGE (Gas Gallon Equivalent) of CNG?

A- 120 cubic feet = 1 GGE estimate

Q- How much does 1 GGE of natural gas weigh?

A- 5.5 lbs.

The average heat value of natural gas id 1080 BTU per cubic foot and burn at roughly 117 - 125 octane with an ignition temperature of 1080 degrees.

1 Therm = 100 cubic foot @ 100,000 BTU

1 GGE = 1.14 - 1.25 Therms

1 Gallon = 3.75 liters

20 Gallons = 75 liters

40 Gallons = 150 liters

1 Barrel of Oil = 300 lbs of oil

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