Q- What are the advantages of converting to CNG?
A- CNG is less expensive than petroleum and diesel fuels, it burns more efficiently, reducing emissions released into the environment.

Q- Is CNG safe?
A- Natural Gas has an impressive safety record.  The systems used are tested rigorously and the standards for tanks and injectors are very strict.

Q- Does CNG have the same power as gasoline?
A- CNG is less energy-dense than gasoline, but it is much less expensive.  CNG has about 3/4 of the energy of gasoline, but it costs less than half the price.

Q- Does CNG hurt my engine?
A- No. CNG actually helps your engine life last longer. CNG is a light gas, not a liquid fuel like gasoline or diesel, so it burns very cleanly and efficiently.

Q- How do I get CNG fuel?
A- More than half of the CNG fueling stations in the U.S. are available for public use.  But now you can even get fueling stations for your garage.

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