CNG Software

I. Connecting the Zenit Pro ECU to a PC computer and the Zenit Pro Setup
    1. Interface and USB Security Key
    2. Drivers

II. Programming Description
    1. Information Panel
    2. Settings
    3. Changeover Parameters
        a) Signal form RPM Wire
        b) Coils
        c) RPM Multiplier
        d) Threshold RPM Signal
        e) Changeover Threshold RPM   
        f) Changeover Direction
        g) RPM Hysteresis
        h) Water Temperature
        i) Fuel Start Delay
        j) Fuel Overlap
    4. End of Fuel Management
    5. Configuration
    6. Injector Settings
    7. Fuel Strategy
    8. Data Logging
    9. Error Detection
    10. OBD Connection
    11. Tuning / Autotuning
    12. Tuning / Line
    13. Tuning / Map
    14. Tuning / Compensation

III. Electrical Wiring

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