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Electric Auto Shop is a step by step curriculum for teaching electric vehicle technology. The program is designed for grades 9th and up.  It is a 16-week course taught and assembled in the automotive lab/shop and classroom.

Electric Auto Shop   Overview  

Course Goal: To educate high school, vocational, college, and technical school students about the design, construction, and viability of electric vehicles.  The course involves modifying an internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle to battery electric drive.  The resulting vehicle is a pure drive electric vehicle (EV). 


The class will learn the advantages of using an electric drive train, including cost savings, environmental impact, and ease of use.  The course includes background theory on electrical power, including definitions and terms (ex: amps, volts, watts, watt-hours, energy, power, aerodynamics, rms voltage, electric mpg, and more).  The course also includes a brief history and current status of EV technologies and career possibilities in electric transportation industry. The vehicle produced by the class will be street-legal and meet all licensing regulations.

Students will use basic automotive skills and knowledge, supplemented by the Electric Auto Shop Curriculum, to complete the conversion.   No special engineering skills are necessary.    Except for the vehicle, all of the components to make the conversion are included in the program.  

The format for this course is 16 lesson plans in a bound workbook format with test questions and additional activities for each section. Video on DVD is used to demonstrate the hands-on activities taking place in the shop. A 146 page PowerPoint presentation is also included. The timeline to complete the class is one school semester.


Objectives:  Electric Auto Shop will help create a professional working atmosphere such as in a technical college training class.

  1. Students will be able to identify the major parts and describe the operation of an electric drive train.
  2. Students will build a working electric vehicle in the conventional Auto Shop classroom under the supervision of the shop teacher. 
  3. Students will complete both hands-on and theoretical coursework through lab/shop work, assignments, and testing, to reach a comprehensive understanding of electric vehicle theory, construction, and operation. 
  4. Students will emerge with a better knowledge of electric vehicles and how electric transportation can work within the community. 
  5. Students will learn the history, facts and current status of EVs. 
  6. At the conclusion of the course the class will have produced a working EV which will be introduced to the local community. 

Materials included in the curriculum:

  • Chevrolet S-10 Pre-fabricated Conversion Kit
  • Step-by-Step Vehicle Assembly Guide
  • 25 Units in 8 Modules with Lesson Plans
  • Instructional DVDs with 50 video segments
  • 146 Slide PowerPoint Presentation
  • Training Evaluation Form 


Module 1: A History of Electric Vehicles
Unit A: Electric Vehicles Through History
Unit B: The Evolution of Manufacturers
Unit C: Advantages of the Electric Drivetrain (download Unit C) 


Module 2: Politics and Planning for the Future of Alternative Transportation
Unit D: Energy and the Environment 
Unit E: Fuel, Maintenance and Development Costs
Unit F: The Potential of Today's Technology


Module 3: The Basics of Physics and Power
Unit G: Mechanics of Power and Work
Unit H: Turning Electricity Into Motion
Unit I: Work, Energy and Power
Unit J: Energy Storage (download Unit J)


Module 4: Conversion Components
Unit K: The Electric Motor
Unit L: Controller and Control Enclosure Subassembly (see the Control System)
Unit M: Battery System
Unit N: Battery Charger (download Unit N)
Unit O: Wheels & Tires
Unit P: Braking 
Unit Q: Suspension 
Unit R: Gauges and Instruments  
Unit S: Accessories 


Module 5: The Conversion Process
Unit T: Work Area Safety  
Unit U: The Conversion Sequence
Control System Video
Machine Shop Video
Tools Video
Tilt Bed Video
Video Sequence 53 -Installing Motor Spacer & Key (download this sequence)
Video Sequence 54 -Installing Motor Coupler & Taper Lock
Video Sequence 55 -Installing Bell Housing Adaptor
Video Sequence 56 -Testing Motor Run-out
Video Sequence 95 -Front Frame System
Video Sequence 109 -Installing Throttle Cable
Video Sequence 138 -Initial Key-on Check


Module 6: Using the Vehicle
Unit V: Driving and Daily Commuting
Unit W: Licensing Maintaining Your EV


Module 7: Promotion, Competition & Careers
Unit X: EV Events 
Unit Y: Education and Careers


Module 8: Final Conclusions
Transportation Policy
Showrooms of 2010


Appendix A:20 Shop Checklists
Appendix B:Tools
Appendix C:Bill of Materials
Appendix D:MSDS Sheets
Appendix E: Schematics
Appendix F:Motor Perfomance Graphs
Appendix G:Component Quiz
Appendix H:Troubleshooting
(download Appendix H)
Appendix I:Daily Commute Audit

Single-School license of the Electric Auto Shop curriculum with complete conversion kit parts starts at $19,500.00. Please call for details 888-881-8404. 

Get information on funding.


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