Module 1: General Hybrid & Electric Technology

  • Unit A: Hybrid / Electric Vehicle System Components
    • ERG Guidelines
    • Generic Tasks Common to All Vehicles
    • Gasoline Engine
    • Electric Motor & Generator
    • High Voltage Batteries
    • Electrical Distribution System
    • Automatic Safety System
    • System Operation
  • Unit B: The Internal Combustion Engine
  • Unit C: The Electric Motor
  • Unit D: The Accessory Battery
    • 12v Accessory Battery
    • 12v Battery Charger
    • Unit E: The Traction Battery
    • Lithium
    • NiCad
    • Lead Acid
    • Fuel Cells
  • Unit F: Fuses
  • Unit G: Battery Containment
  • Unit H: Cabling and Component Interfaces
    • Cabling Color Coding
  • Unit I: Component Identifiers

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