Primary Education Coursework


Hybrid Maintenance Overview

This course describes the maintenance service procedures of Hybrid Vehicles.

Course Goals 

To educate the student with the basic knowledge of the maintenance of hybrid/electric drive vehicle technology.  The course guide includes a complete maintenance schedule including specific maintenance steps for each system on the vehicle's HEV drive train.


Student will learn and master knowledge of::

  1. Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) Overview
  2. Introduction to Systems 
  3. Hybrid Exterior Features
  4. Hybrid Interior Features 
  5. Energy Flow
  6. Special Equipment 
  7. Dealership Requirements 
  8. Maintenance Checkpoints 

Chapter 1: General Hybrid Safety

  1. Safety Practices & Equipment 
  2. Wiring Safety
  3. High Voltage Shutoff 
  4. Battery Safety
  5. Safety During Service 

Chapter 2: General Hybrid Service

  1. Valve Train
  2. Cooling System 
  3. Auto Transmission 
  4. Manual Transmission
  5. Steering & Suspension
  6. EPS
  7. Brakes 
  8. Converters & Inverters

Chapter 3: Chassis

  1. Braking System
  2. Regenerative Braking 
  3. Steering System

Chapter 4: Power Train

  1. Engine
  2. Front End Accessories 
  3. Switchable Powertrain Mount
  4. Intake Air Distribution & Filtering
  5. Fuel System
  6. Inertia Switches
  7. Engine Cooling
  8. Transmission System
  9. Floor Mounted Shifter 
  10. Motor Electronics Cooling Systems

Chapter 5: Electrical System

  1. Module Communication Network
  2. Charging System
  3. Jump Start Strategy 
  4. DC/DC Converter
  5. Climate Control System
  6. Idle Shutdown Override
  7. Electrical Safety
  8. High Voltage Disconnect Switch

    see the Hybrid Assembly Course

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