Hybrid Assembly Sequence

 Step 12

High voltage tie-in

  1. remove plastic guards and bleed leftover capacitance from both terminals with multimeter
  2. remove nuts on battery side of both terminals remove high voltage wires from terminals
  3. pull negative wire through current sensor
  4. remove mounting screws on sensor
  5. pull short black wire (07-055) through sensor
  6. re-mount sensor
  7. attach short black wire to negative terminal
  8. place OEM battery tap cable assembly (02-007) near entrance to high voltage cover
  9. attach red wire from OEM battery tap cable assembly (02-007) to positive terminal
  10. tighten nut back on terminal
  11. attach long black wire and short black wire to OEM high-voltage wire
  12. tighten bolt on terminal
  13. pull shrink wrap over wire ends and heat with hot air gun
  14. heat wrap until filly shrunk and secured
  15. fold shrink wrap over and secure with ties
  16. replace plastic guards
  17. clamp shark connector on to yellow wire

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