Mobile MechanicTM Service & Fleet Management



MOBILEMECHANICTM is a step by step curriculum for teaching mobile repair and fleet service. The program is designed for grades 9th and up.  It is a 16-week course taught and assembled in the school classroom.

Mobile Mechanic Overview  

Course Goal: Students learn basic automotive skills, learn to manage a mobile tool truck, read and report fleet data via telecommunications and wireless in a real time service environment.

The format for this course is 16 lesson plans in a bound workbook format with test questions and additional activities for each section. Video on DVD is used to demonstrate the hands-on activities taking place in the shop. The timeline to complete the class is one school semester.

Objectives:  Electric Auto Shop will help create a professional working atmosphere such as in a technical college training class or real business environment.

  1. Students will be able to set up, manage and maintain a mobile shop/service truck.
  2. Students will understand basic entrepreneurial start-up business skills . 
  3. Students will identify and diagnose scheduled service requirements at client sites. 
  4. Students will identify and diagnose emergency unscheduled service events. 
  5. Students will learn basic problem solving in 60-90 minute service windows. 
  6. Students will understand how to interact with fleet data systems including GPS, vehicle, mobile and LAN network systems. 

Materials included in the curriculum:

  • MOBILEMECHANICTM Pre-fabricated Assembly Kit
  • Step-by-Step Mobile Vehicle Assembly Guide
  • 26 Units in 8 Modules with Lesson Plans
  • Instructional DVDs with 54 video segments
  • 82 Slide PowerPoint Presentation
  • Training Evaluation Form 

Course Outline: Upon completion of this course, students will be able to set up a mobile service vehicle and start and run their own business.  They will have basic fleet management techniques that will fast track employment opportunities with fleet operators of 10-1000 vehicles.

Module 1: Introduction
Unit A: Automotive Safety & Best Practices
Unit B: Tools & Parts Management in Remote Environment
Unit C: Review of Customer Service Skills
Unit D: Entrepreneur Business Skills

Module 2: Scheduled Service Maintenance
Unit E: Mobile Tune-up Procedure
Unit F: Mobile Brake Service
Unit G: Mobile Wheel, Tire, Suspension Service
Unit H: Mobile Oil & Lubrication Service

Module 3: Non-Scheduled Service Events
Unit I: Diagnosing Warning Lights
Unit J: Diagnosis & Repair of Car Won't Start Situations
Unit K: Diagnosis & Repair of Noises, Leaks, Smells

Module 4: Emergency Response Events
Unit L: Working with Public Safety Crews
Unit M: Component Damage Identification, Safety & Damage Mitigation
Unit N: Reporting & ERG Protocols
Unit O: Using ERG Communication Systems

Module 5: Fleet Reporting & Related Data Interfaces
Unit P: Basic Fleet Management Expectations
Unit Q: Intro to Fleet Management Data Systems
Unit R: GPS & OBD II Interfaces  
Unit S: Remote Data Reporting & Management Protocol 
Unit T: Performing Fleet Audits
Unit U: Preventative Maintenance Routines

Module 6: Alternate Fuel Vehicle Maintenance & Diagnosis Strageties
Unit V: Atypical Alt Fuel Repairs
Unit W: Alt Fuel Safety Considerations
Unit X: Alt Fuel Service Considerations

Single-School license of the MOBILEMECHANICTM curriculum with complete assembly kit parts starts at $14,500.00. Please call for course samples 888-881-8404 or email for info. 


16 Week Course Curriculum, Instructional Lesson Plans, Assembly Instructions

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Instructor Training

Electric Auto Shop also provides on-site training for instructors preparing their Mobile Mechanic Course. During this intensive, five-day clinic, attendees gain hands-on experience by installing the EV components into the Chassis Lab Switch vehicle they will be using in their course.  Read about Instructor Training for this course.

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