Primary Education Coursework

A short course on the classroom assembly of a working, scale electric vehicle drivetrain.  This module is designed for grades 4th and up.  It can be taught and assembled in a non-automotive shop classroom. 


Course Goal

To educate the student about basic physics, electronics, and mechanical principles with a fully hands-on technique.


Students will learn the following in a 12 week period: 

  1. Voltage and safety related to electric vehicles     
  2. Traction Battery and auxiliary power storage systems   
  3. Dual electric motor integration     
  4. Control board design and operation  
  5. Charging    
  6. General schematic reading and comprehension of symbols and terms  
  7. Basic tools and safety   


Module I: Introduction to Electric Drive Vehicles

  1. History of EVs  
  2. Definiton of electrical and working power  
  3. Drivetrain components    
  4. Drivetrain assembly sequence  
  5. Drivetrain integration  
  6. Battery charging and cycles  
  7. Workplace safety  
  8. High voltage safety  

Module II: Overview of Components and Systems

  1. Batteries    
  2. Electric Motors  
  3. Controllers/Inverters/Converters    
  4. Drivetrain useage and actual vehicle application  
  5. General Systems overview  
  6. Summary     

Working Electric Drivetrain $249.00


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