Solar Charging Course

The Solar Charging Course is a hands-on design and installation course for understanding the basic principals of a working photovoltaic (PV) system.

Training Goal:  To educate students in the design and installation of PV systems.  The course describes both grid-interactive and stand alone designs.

The class will learn the techniques used in designing and installing solar electric equipment and their interface with the existing electrical grid.

Students will use basic mechanical and design skills and knowledge, supplemented by the Electric Auto Shop Solar Course, to complete the training. No special engineering skills are necessary.  

The format for this course is 23 specific lesson plans in a four module format with test questions and additional activities for each section. Video on DVD is used to demonstrate the hands-on activities taking place in the training. The timeline to complete the class is one school semester.


Objectives:  Electric Auto Shop Solar Design Course will help students understand the design and installation of basic solar charging technology.  Students will emerge will skills necessary to become solar installation technicians.

  1. Students will be able to identify the major components of a photovoltaic system.
  2. Students will design a project-specific photovoltaic system. 
  3. Students will understand the electrical grid interface of photovoltaics. 
  4. Students will be able to maintain and repair the photovoltaic system.  
  5. At the conclusion of the course the class will have skills necessary to advance to further photvoltaic training or perform as system installation technicians. 


Materials included in the curriculum:

  • Working Photovoltaic System    
  • 23 Educational Units in 4 Modules with Lesson Plans
  • Instructional DVD with 44 video segments
  • 55 Slide PowerPoint Presentation
  • Training Evaluation Form 

Module 1: Introduction to Solar Photovoltaic Technology

  • Unit A: Basic Principles in System Design
  • Unit B: Installation Sequence 

Module 2: System Design Considerations

  • Unit C: Typical Designs and Options
  • Unit D: Grid Interactive Design without Battery Backup 
  • Unit E: Grid Interactive Design with Battery Backup
  • Unit F: Mounting Option Considerations
  • Unit G: Roof Mounting
  • Unit H: Shade Structure Mounting 
  • Unit I: Building Integrated Array 
  • Unit J: Estimating System Output
  • Unit K: Installation Labor Estimating
  • Unit L: Using Incentives for Cost Reduction
  • Unit M: Energy Savings Calculations
  • Unit N: Supplier and System Qualifications

Module 3: Project Coordination

  • Unit O: Utility Considerations
  • Unit P: System Permitting and Acceptance
  • Unit Q: Performance Evaluation
  • Unit R: System Documentation
  • Unit S: System Monitoring

Module 4: System Installation

  • Unit T: Materials Recommendations  
  • Unit U: Equipment Recommendations
  • Unit V: Final Design and Installation Sequences
  • Unit W: System Maintenance

Appendix A: Safety Checklists

Appendix B: Tools

Appendix C: MSDS Sheets 

Appendix D: Tests 

Appendix E: Schematics  


Single school license of the Electric Auto Shop Solar Charging Course with working components is $16,500. Please call or email for details 888-881-8404.  View video samples.


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