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Choose a Truck As a Donor

Many car owners are thinking of using an electric car for their day to day commute. The interest on electric car exploded when gasoline prices shot through the roof. Some people cannot afford to run their car and have no choice but to use the public transportation.

by Ken J. Maxwell - November 05, 2008

One option to reduce mileage cost is to use electricity to power our cars. Unfortunately, the current electric car models are still relatively expensive. One can still enjoy the benefits of owning an electric vehicle (EV) by converting their gas driven car to run on electric. Before anyone initiates a DIY electric car conversion project, they have to select the right car to be retrofitted. The best type of donor car for the conversion project is a pick up truck. Why a truck? This article will provide some information on the subject.

The concept of converting a vehicle to run on electricity is to replace the internal combustion engine and fit in a DC electric motor. Without the engine, you can also remove the exhaust pipe, gas tank, fuel distribution lines, and radiator. The electric motor is to be attached to the transmission via a custom made coupling. To power the motor, a series of lead acid flooded batteries are used. You will need a minimum 20 units of batteries. This is where a truck will come in handy.

To fit 20 units of batteries in a sedan is not impossible but difficult. You have to construct multiple battery racks in a few places in the car because of limited space. With a truck, space is not an issue. All the batteries can be placed in the flatbed area of the truck. When all the batteries are next to each other, it is also easier for you to do the wiring.

For a car enthusiast, using a truck as a donor car for a DIY conversion project just make sense. If you are not familiar with automotive engineering, you may not appreciate the humble pickup truck. If you are serious about cutting your gasoline expense bill, start off by understanding the process of retrofitting an electric vehicle. There are many EV conversion guides that you can buy from the web for reference.

Are high gasoline prices burning a hole in you pocket? Why not consider using an Electric Truck. Experience the cost saving benefits of an electric vehicle by exploring Electric Truck Conversion Guides.

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