Project-Based-Learning is fundamental to teaching our assembly projects.  Our Electric Vehicle Assembly class uses a simple chassis design that students can build upon. This encourages their individual participation by inviting creativity as student work on actual assembly projects.

Students work on actual components and build subassemblies that comprise the drive train of the vehicle they are building.  These project-based tasks promote teamwork and confidence and replicate the manager-leader, co-worker relationships they will find in job settings.  Both educator and student each sees results based on successful completion of a series of assembly projects.  The design of the Courses-Project-Based-Learning  and other elements of the curricula are based in Common Core Standards.  Some examples of the projects involved are Circuit Design Labs that come with the ChassisLab Course.  Here students are required to build a working circuit with relays, switches. batteries and wiring terminations before they work on any actual wiring or components in the vehicle.  They must follow schematics and instructions to make the circuit project work properly.  The skills used in these hands on lessons are exactly the same as techniques they will use in assembling the vehicle.  Each of the lab projects, and including the vehicle itself, is modular and reusable, they can be disassembled and reused multiple times. See an overview from the course for the Control System here: Project-Based-Learning.

Students are required to confront and overcome assembly challenges they face with learning component function, subassembly arrangement, reading schematics and other design scenarios that will be new to them.  The course work encourages students to follow assembly instructions, but also make real time decisions to problems that may have multiple answers.  These challenges introduce students career decisions they will make as managers and employees.

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