Funding Assistance

We can assist you in pursuing funding with:

Federal Funding Sources

Carl D. Perkins Vocational and Technical Education Act
231 & 232 Funds
Title 1 Funds - American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (Part A)
Title 2 Funds
Title 5 – Innovative Strategies 

CA State Funding Sources

District General Funds
District CTE SB 70 or SB 1070
Quality Education Investment Act of 2006 (QEIA Funds)
California Partnership Academy Funds

US DOE & Utilities

We have connections with many of the US DOE/ Clean Cities offices and public utility companies around the country.  One of these may work for you.


A number of schools have used public and private grant sources to fund our projects. Perkins, teacher's union and other energy or career-targeted grants are often available, but require targeted requests.

Corporate Sponsorship

Electric Auto Shop has worked with large corporate sponsors to assist schools in funding their projects.  We can explore these possibilities with you and your school.

Crowd Funding

Electric Auto Shop can put together a crowd funding campaign specifically for you.  We can make and edit a video for your school - here's an example:

Crowdfunding Goals

1. Target (school or educational entity to place coursework)

2. Collaboration (school agrees to crowd-fund and allows us to help, we can accomplish this in one 30-minute meeting).

3. Training (we train them how to create the campaign, or better- do it with them…this includes scripts and story board of what video they need to shoot, how to edit it and sequence it)

4. Create intimacy (in video under ten mins, we incorporate their particular campus, and faces, interview with particulars about benefits for that school). If you do not do this it will likely compromise the success of this project.

5. Create urgency (we add a timeline in order to facilitate a timely submission and response).

6. Direct campaign submission. It is far better if schools submit under their name, this way we can multiply our ability to do this over multiple schools.

7. Marketing (email message lists of parents, students, admins, instructors, local community and alumni; this is another phase where we can assist schools).

Please call or write for assistance, 888-881-8404 or email for info. 

Depending on your school's location, some funding is also available by the Dept of Energy / Clean Cities partnership. Apply here to qualify for assistance.

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