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Electric Auto Shop has a number of services to help you get started. We can assist your school in finding funding services via sourcing and writing effective grants.  We have successfully worked with schools using Perkins Funding and other funding resources.  We have also helped schools with crowd funding, where we can help you build and execute your campaign by providing story boards, scripts, video and the most effective communication steps to reach parents and other members in your community.  We may also be able to assist you and your school in finding corporate sponsorship.

Electric Auto Shop also provides individual instructor training, at our production facility.  Instructors attend a five day lab and lecture series, learn the course work and build the vehicle kit.  These Instructor Training sessions also provide an excellent community for sharing effective teaching strategies.

Electric Auto Shop has a number of other tools that may be helpful in starting your alternate fuel pathway.  These include courses on emergency response training, project marketing, video directing and writing.  Our charter is to prepare students for careers that may not have traditional pathways.  In many cases we have to create those pathways and develop new methodologies for teaching and learning the material.

Please view the links for free course outlines and previews. Contact us if you need more information or need more detail than you can find on the website. We want you to have the tools you need to be successful.

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