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Chassis Lab Instructional Material

EAS-Chassis Lab: "Switch" Electric Vehicle

Electric Auto Shop provides training course material for those unable to attend the instructor training classes.  See the latest update on the production Switch.

Training Materials include:
• Component Lectures on EV Design, Weight Distribution, Energy Efficiency, Aerodynamics and more
• Layout and installation instructions for all EV Components 
• Schematics, termination and connection techniques and wiring instructions for switches, relays, fuses, contactors and other miscellaneous system components 

This material is designed to educate the viewer on installation of all components in the EV.

Chassis Lab Video & Materials Only (DVD & Course Modules) $500.   add_to_cart.gif  view_cart.gif

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Additional Information

Class schedule is subject to change.

Minimum class size is 5 students. Classes are designed to assist students/instructors with all skill levels. However, students/instructors with some experience in automotive, electrical or mechanical generally get more out of the classes.

All classes are held at our production facility located in Sebastopol, CA. There are numerous restaurants and cafes within walking distance.


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