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    Videos are an important element in describing our assembly sequences. Electric Auto Shop uses a state of the art media center to process the footage used in our course material.  This content is integrated seamlessly and made a part of the course work.  It is especially helpful in seeing how components work and fit together by watching assembly sequences prior to attempting assembly.  The course format for this media is on DVDs, although we have also recently developed it for tablet by integrating it with Apple iPad so it can be viewed directly on the tablet or displayed on larger screens via wifi.  An online element of the course is also currently in the developmental stage.

    Movies are also an important part of troubleshooting test cases.  Electric Auto Shop has developed diagnostic cases where the instructor can present a problem, ask students for resolution, and then display the fix by letting the class watch the solution.  Much of this detail was created in classroom settings with real instructors and real students.

    We have made much of this course content available for preview in the links below.  These samples are taken directly from the course work, fundraising campaign efforts and live instructor training. Please contact us if you see something and have questions, or let us know if there is something you want to see that is not listed in the course samples below.  If we don't already have it, we can create it for you. Our YouTube channel is Electric Auto Shop.

    We also have home movies shared by schools successfully completing our course work.  You can watch them driving and displaying their cars (and hopefully soon share your own!) in the Share Story link on this website.

    Previews of Actual Coursework



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